How-to: Stop Switch Dock Scratching Your Screen

The Switch has barely had time to settle in and we’re hearing reports of the dock causing scratches to the tablet’s screen. Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aimé was quick to put the kibosh on any suggestions of a design flaw, stating they hadn’t experienced any issues when showing the system off at various events in the build-up to launch.

Needless to say, there’s still a lot of worried people out there who don’t fancy ruining their new toy, so I’ve come up with a solution to combat the plastic-on-glass problem that seems to be causing the issue.

[Shameless plug] I’m selling these custom-cut velvet protection inserts, which are made to measure, and fit the front two ridges of the Switch Dock. The inserts come with a self-adhesive backing, and do not interfere with the Switch docking, as they only protrude as far as the rubber bung Nintendo install.

Velvet strips provide a smoother docking experience

Because the strips only cover minimal surface area, they don’t cause overheating.

Switch docked with strip installed

I have also experimented with using inserts on the rear pillars (of the dock) – this also works successfully. It does, however, make the Switch a slightly tighter fit, needing more precision when docking (as it’s tougher for the auto-align mechanism to help out).

They come as a set (front & back), and I ship worldwide. Available on my eBay store here.

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