Nintendo Switch Dock – What Does It Do?

Ever since Nintendo announced the Switch there’s been much debate as to what the dock actually does. Initial theories suggested it included a discreet-GPU which would help boost performance when Switch was docked. Indeed even Greg Miller from Kinda Funny was still under the illusion it had “some extra power in it” when he spoke to Tim Gettys in a recent impressions video.

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Nintendo Switch Launch – Behind the Secrecy

With the launch of the Switch just over two weeks away, many are still dubious as to how Nintendo are trying to position this system within the current generation of relatively super-powered consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Nintendo’s narrative has never shifted from the Switch being classed as a home console – something they’ve been keen to drive home from as early as the first reveal trailer. The primary reason for this is clearly the launch price. But delve a bit deeper and it’s clear Nintendo want to allay fears Switch isn’t merely a repeat of the PlayStation Vita – a portable which promised (and ultimately failed) to deliver full-blown console experiences on the go.

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