What Nintendo Got Right With Switch

Think back a few weeks, leading up to the Switch launch, a cloud of apprehension in the air – stemming mainly from Nintendo’s secrecy on features – but also the limited launch line-up, the mass reports of joycon signal issues, the claims on battery life, little bugs picked up by the select few running pre-launch firmware.

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How-to: Stop Switch Dock Scratching Your Screen

The Switch has barely had time to settle in and we’re hearing reports of the dock causing scratches to the tablet’s screen. Nintendo’s Reggie Fils-Aimé was quick to put the kibosh on any suggestions of a design flaw, stating they hadn’t experienced any issues when showing the system off at various events in the build-up to launch.

Needless to say, there’s still a lot of worried people out there who don’t fancy ruining their new toy, so I’ve come up with a solution to combat the plastic-on-glass problem that seems to be causing the issue.

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Tested: Nintendo Switch and Apple USB-C Digital AV Multiport Adaptor

After my post discussing the hardware inside the Switch Dock, I thought I’d follow it up with a little experiment I tried last night. Testing the Apple USB-C AV Adaptor connected directly to the Switch via its USB-C port, I plugged in the included HDMI lead, and Nintendo AC adaptor.

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Nintendo Switch Handheld Mode – Will Games Run Smoother While Charging?

It’s a well known fact the Nintendo Switch throttles its GPU speeds when running in handheld mode. The official specification outlines this performance as such:

CPU: 1020MHz
Memory Bandwidth: 1600MHz
GPU: 768MHz

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Nintendo Switch Dock – What Does It Do?

Ever since Nintendo announced the Switch there’s been much debate as to what the dock actually does. Initial theories suggested it included a discreet-GPU which would help boost performance when Switch was docked. Indeed even Greg Miller from Kinda Funny was still under the illusion it had “some extra power in it” when he spoke to Tim Gettys in a recent impressions video.

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Nintendo Switch Launch – Behind the Secrecy

With the launch of the Switch just over two weeks away, many are still dubious as to how Nintendo are trying to position this system within the current generation of relatively super-powered consoles from Sony and Microsoft.

Nintendo’s narrative has never shifted from the Switch being classed as a home console – something they’ve been keen to drive home from as early as the first reveal trailer. The primary reason for this is clearly the launch price. But delve a bit deeper and it’s clear Nintendo want to allay fears Switch isn’t merely a repeat of the PlayStation Vita – a portable which promised (and ultimately failed) to deliver full-blown console experiences on the go.

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