E3 2018: The Last of Us: Part II Theory

Sony’s press conference has been and gone, and we got our third look at Naughty Dog’s next instalment in the Last of Us franchise. It was a trailer that centred on Ellie, a lesbian kiss, and some very brutal combat. But what else did we learn?

At 2am, a bleary-eyed me missed a crucial snippet of dialogue in the trailer. Newcomer Jesse strikes up a conversation with Ellie and mentions “your old man” with the remainder of the sentence referencing someone obviously protective of Ellie, someone we assume to be Joel (he’s alive!). Watch the clip below:

It got me thinking. Is Joel too obvious? From the dialogue it makes sense- the behaviour sounds very much like classic Joel. But could Jesse instead be talking about Ellie’s real father? We know Anna, Ellie’s mother, was a former nurse who died the day after giving birth, trusting in Marlene to look after her daughter. But we know nothing of her father.

Could it be Ellie finally met up with her old man, and he spilled the beans on how her mother died? Maybe she was experimented on during pregnancy and that’s what made Ellie immune. Or maybe she was already carrying the unique gene? It seems highly unlikely she died from natural causes, so were the cult responsible for her death?

The clue is in the second trailer (above) where cult-leader Emily holds a knife to an unknown woman’s stomach, signifying maybe she is pregnant. Was this Ellie’s mum? Is it part of a flashback sequence. It would make sense that a cult would hope to prevent a cure, to keep the people scared, keep them living in anarchy. After all, people are at their most vulnerable to indoctrination when they’ve lost hope.

So yeah, let me know in the comments if you think I’m crazy.